“Our mission is to guide you through the local language & culture.”

Hi! My name is Igor. I’m a language trainer and remote teacher coach traveling around the globe. I know how it is to suffer from a language barrier. It feels bad when you can’t connect with the local community. That’s why @LanguageTravelGuide was born to connect you with the locals. We will support you to learn everything about your destination and to master the local language & culture.

Do you want to teach remotely?

Do you speak already some languages? That’s great! We offer also online business coaching for language teachers. Our vision is to empower passionate individuals to travel around the world while making money from the laptop. Click on the button to start your location-independent lifestyle!

Prepare for a culture shock

Pack light with the Language Travel Guides to gain knowledge about your destination.

“I recommend the Bootcamp with Igor. You will learn definitely Dutch with him.”