Help the people of Afghanistan

How can we help the people of Afghanistan?

Everyone was shocked when the Taliban took over the government of Afghanistan. The videos of the citizens trying to escape the country went viral. Some people tried to climb a U.S. military plane to be able to leave the country. They were scared and desperate. Some didn’t make it to grab the aircraft. Others fell down from the sky. Taliban is known for their medieval tortures to those that resist. We live in 2021. How is it possible? Who will help all those people that worked with foreign forces? Will the Taliban hunt them down?

As a teacher, social worker, and journalist I feel obligated to spread the word. Many teachers that provide modern education to the locals in Afghanistan are in danger. I write this blog post to support not only the teachers but also activists, women, men, and children that risk their life thinking differently than the Taliban. That’s why it’s important to share the message and help the people of Afghanistan to be free again. What can you do?

1. Support the locals

Do you know someone from Afghanistan or maybe a local business in your home country? Support them!
Think about friends from Afghanistan, maybe your employees, your colleagues, restaurants, shops, organizations, and online businesses that would need your help. Not only the people of Afghanistan are in danger. Also, foreign teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, and other activists are at risk. No one knows how the Taliban will react.

2. Spread the word

Are you using WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter,  LinkedIn, or other social media? Share the message so everyone will know what is happening. But beware of fake information. Hopefully, the governments and companies will take action to protect the citizens of Afghanistan that are in danger.

3. Donation

Do you have any financial resources left to help the people of Afghanistan? I did some research and found a website where you can make a donation to help women, children, and activists that are in danger at this moment of writing.


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