How to pass your Dutch integration exam?

How to pass your Dutch integration exam? It can be sometimes overwhelming to prepare for it. Maybe you are afraid to lose time & money. Don’t worry… You are not the first one going through the ‘inburgering’. Check out the top 5 hacks to pass it like a boss. 

Time management

First of all, it’s important to prepare in advance to avoid stress and overpaying. On the website of The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science you can find assignments to practice. The exam consists of 5 modules: writing, listening, speaking, reading, and knowledge of Dutch society. The language level is A2 but it’s possible that it will go in the future to B1 so pass it fast!

Language supplements

Sometimes it’s harder to go to school when you are older. But it’s very healthy to stimulate your brain again! However… don’t be hard on yourself. You are smarter now, so prevent mental fog. Get some good sleep, and quality nutrition to increase your memory & concentration. Check out the blog post about The Top 5 Supplements To Learn Faster Languages. 

KISS rule

Maybe you speak already Dutch and can find your way in daily life situations But the writing part is still a problem. Remember that you will write probably during the exam with your hand, so it’s better to practice on a piece of paper. You don’t like to write? Use the KISS rule. Try to keep it short, and simple to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Target your mistakes

Make a ‘Rescue list’ with the rules to use while you encounter difficulties during the exam. Think especially about grammar & orthography. When you encounter a difficult question grab the ‘rescue list’ from your mind to deal with assiggnments. You can prepare some easy examples that are possible to use for hard questions. Keep it simple to avoid stress, and overthinking.


At the end of the test, you have probably the tendency to run out of the classroom. Wait a second. Take a breath… Check your assignments again. Visualize the checklist from your memory with the most important points. Think about interpunction, verbs, articles, adjectives, sentence structure, and typing mistakes.

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How do you pass your Dutch integration exam?


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