Top 5 supplements to learn faster languages

Would you take a pill to master the foreign tongue? Check out the top 5 supplements to learn faster languages! 

*All the products are recommended from personal experience and reviews from other experts. When you click on the image and purchase a product I get a small affiliate commission with no costs for you. It will help me to finance new travel expeditions.

1. Death Wish Coffee (focus)

Do you have problems with concentration? It’s not a secret that a cup of coffee can give you the extra boost to study longer. Check out the Death Wish Coffee to start your early morning with 50% more caffeine. Get your focus back with one of the strongest dark coffee in the world.

2. Lion’s Mane Mushroom (memory)

It’s a supplement made of ”smart” mushrooms that give your memory, and immune health a boost. That means you will learn the foreign tongue faster. Tim Ferriss, bestseller author from 4 hours workweek recommends the Lion’s Mane Mushroom to clear mental fog.

3. Yerba Mate (energy)

Do you feel that you need more energy? Invest in the Yerba Mate Kit. The tea with caffeine gives you more energy, increases focus, reduces fatigue, and is great for sports performance. Yerba gives you a euphoric feeling similar to eating chocolate. It’s great for studying!

4. Righteously Raw Dark Chocolate (happiness)

Everyone knows that chocolate can make you happy. The sweet bite comes from the tropical cacao tree. It increases the blood flow in the brain, improves your mood, focus, memory, and learning. Click on the Righteously Raw Dark Chocolate link if you would like to taste raw chocolate to evolve in a foreign language.

5. Fish oil (thinking)

You don’t have time to catch fresh fish for diner? Take the Nature’s Bounty fish oil supplement to improve your thinking skills, memory, and reaction time. According to scientific research omega 3 helps to prevent the decrease in brain function at an older age.

What is the supplement that you would recommend for language learning?



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