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Do you want to learn your kids languages the funny, and easy way? Invite the language robot to your home! The device will interact, and respond to teach a new language.

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Do you love to travel? Don’t worry about WiFi anymore. You can now teach & study remotely from anywhere in the world. Get your world WiFi hotspot to be connected.

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It’s rainy outside and you need a boost. Grab some Manuka raw honey that is harvested in remote hills, forest, and coasts of New Zealand. It protects you from low grade honey that contains additives.

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Do you crave for some cacao? Explore a new taste from Peru with a cup of warm cacao or add it to bakery. The raw cacao has antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Discover the affiliate link:

Did you ever heard of African licorice root sticks? It’s great to chew on it or to make tea for boosting your immune system. It’s Perfect if you spend hours learning for an exam. Discover the affiliate link:

Pack light with the black merino t-shirt from Ice Breaker. It’s perfect for hot and cold weather. The durable merino wool is light, and smell proof. Some people say that you can even wear it for a couple of days during your travel adventures. Discover the affiliate link:

You don’t need to carry heavy books anymore. Invest in the kindle paperwhite that’s waterproof so you can enjoy your reading sessions near a pool or on the beach. The light on the screen will also prevent your eye’s from getting tired when there is less light. Discover the affiliate link:

Imagine a backpack that fits your office, protects you from thieves, and keeps everything dry during a rain shower. Equip yourself with the Wandrd Prvke 21L. Now you are ready to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Discover the affiliate link:

Are you afraid to break the zipper of your suitcase? Not anymore. Get some packing cubes to compress your clothes. You will save a lot of space, and your wardrobe is wrinkle proof. Now you are ready to explore the nightlife in a new country. Discover the affiliate link:

Do you love to swim or a surf session? But you don’t want to leave your valuables unattended. The Pacsafe bag with anti-theft material is the right solution. You can lock the bag to a palmtree, and enjoy the water carefree. Discover the affiliate link:

Would you like to have a wallet smaller than your smartphone? With the Secrid Mini Wallet you can store your cards. It includes RFID protection to avoid getting scammed abroad. Discover the affiliate link:

First, it’s important to have a laptop to enter the digital kingdom. The MacBook Pro 13-inch will help you with your remote adventure. It’s recommended for digital nomads because of the light design for travel. Discover the affiliate link:

Shit happens on the road… That’s why it’s important to back up your files with a hard drive. The LaCie Hard drive 2TB is a perfect solution. It has a password protection, and the material defends the drive from a fall. Discover the affiliate link:

Spilled coffee on your laptop. It’s one of the nightmares for remote workers. However it can be prevented from happening. Invest in the Thule Laptop Case. The hard and water-resistant material will protect your laptop from such damage. Discover the affiliate link:


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